With all my heart for Ukraine • Beneficiary
PLN 33,628 from PLN 35,000

With all my heart for Ukraine

The news of the war that hit Ukraine shocked the whole world. This situation has affected us personally, because our foundation team is Polish-Ukrainian. Their families, mum, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend and friends stayed there.

Due to the current situation, we mainly collect material gifts. They can be brought in during the Foundation's working hours (9.00-17.00).


They will be transferred to help points and from there further distributed so that they will go into the hands of people in need.


Most of the immigrants are women and children


All funds collected in this screenshot will be donated to:


• Hygiene measures for children: diapers, wet wipes, disposable liners, anti-chafing cream (alantan, linomag, bephanten baby), teats, bottles, diapers for children, etc.

• Cleaning products: toothpaste, brushes, soaps, toilet paper, tissues, shampoos, conditioners, paper towels, etc.

• Long-term food: cans, jars, protein bars, juices, water, baby formula, etc.


The collection covers both help in Poland and Ukraine.


Become a volunteer / Приєднуйся до нас волонтером:


+ 48 886 503 094


Якщо Вам потрібна допомога, звертайтесь за номером:


+ 48 883 162 479


The initiators of the project are our employees who, out of concern for their compatriots, would like to enable them to live in dignity.


Thank you!



All current information - photos, videos - are available on our website Facebook and Instagram. We invite!



Our Foundation supported an orphanage in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, where mostly disabled children live. Some of them are orphans, some are displaced from war zones.
There are currently 160 children there.
Each of the children received gifts with sweets and additionally we gave all kinds of toys for everyone.


As part of the aid for Ukraine, we purchased medical and ophthalmological equipment for the hospital in Odessa for the amount of PLN 13,447.27. The equipment will help soldiers in the treatment and eye injuries.


Beloved, we got a request from the Home for Refugees from Ukraine to buy a washing machine and microwaves. Currently 50 people live there. Thanks to the donors' support, we were able to purchase one washing machine and 3 microwave ovens. We also donated full bags of puzzles and books for kids. Cosmetics donated by Eveline Cosmetics were donated to mothers and grandmothers, for which we would like to thank you.


Beloved, we have received a request to buy a thermal imaging device from the military who defend the independence of Ukraine. Thanks to your help, we were able to purchase and hand over a thermal imager that will help the soldiers at the front. Part of the funds was covered from the collection on the Siepomaga platform.


In mid-September, we visited mothers with children and their grandmothers from Ukraine, who live in a refugee house in Stara Miłosna run by Katarzyna Gontarczyk, founder of the Innovation Institute Foundation. We handed over a lot of sweets for the children and we spent time over tea with gingerbread, talking about the needs of the residents.



At the beginning of June, we received a request from the Kherson Oblast Administration for help in purchasing a car to pick up injured people from bombing sites and battlefields, and to provide humanitarian and medical aid. During a war, time is of the greatest importance for saving human life. We joined the help and donated PLN 11,500.00 for this purpose. Already in mid-July, the car was handed over to the military.
We want to wholeheartedly thank all those who joined in helping to save the victims of the war.

07.06.2022 – 15.06.2022

We bought 3 military helmets worth PLN 6,000 for Ukrainian soldiers.
Our sincere thanks go to Koleje Mazowieckie, who once again gave us a whole delivery truck with food and hygiene gifts.
MGM Consulting gave us gifts in the form of hygiene products for children from Ukraine.
Our volunteers work continuously. Some of them collect money on the streets of Warsaw, some collect food and hygiene products, and others work in the warehouse, segregating gifts and preparing them for shipment to those in need.



We are working all the time! During this period, our volunteers collected food and hygiene products, segregated and prepared for the further journey to Ukraine.
Some of the volunteers collected money on the streets of Warsaw, collecting funds to finance further activities under the project.
We have also settled the donation from the Foundation "To succeed!" The grant in the amount of PLN 20 thousand was intended for the purchase of dressing materials (plasters, dry sutures, bandages), preparations for disinfection and disinfection, thermal blankets, basic drugs (NSAIDs), as well as the purchase of cardboard boxes and administrative matters (rental of a temporary warehouse).
Thanks to the cooperation with the EUROMED Foundation, the collected gifts and purchased medicaments and dressings were able to safely enter Ukraine and support people who need them very much.
Thank you to all those who join the project With all my heart for Ukraine!




This week, thanks to the commitment of donors and the huge work of volunteers, we organized two transports - to Zaporozhe and Lutsk (Lutsk).
Thank you!




Our volunteers are very involved in the fundraising event, they put their whole heart into it! Some people collect, others sort gifts and pack them into cardboard boxes. Coordinators supervise everything. On Thursday (April 7), a humanitarian transport set off from the Foundation to Odessa.


We are very grateful to the employees of Koleje Mazowieckie from Tłuszcz (https://www.facebook.com/KolejeMazowieckieKM) for their support and donation of 1900 jars with a wholesome meal. We would like to thank Mr. Mieczysław for bringing them to the Foundation and for helping volunteers unload them. These gifts also went to Odessa. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




We have confirmed information that our safe transports with humanitarian aid reached Lviv and Kiev.




It was happening! Volunteers packed the entire bus with gifts, which Mr. Patryk took to the warehouse, where they were repacked into a truck and headed to Lviv. We also brought gifts (collected clothes and food) to Mrs. Angelica from Ukrainian and Georgian cuisine - https://www.facebook.com/kuchniaukrainskagruzinska




We collect, segregate and pack gifts collected by our volunteers. We make sure that all items are properly secured for transport.


Another vocal group - Wykolejeni.BAND from Koleje Mazowieckie with the great hit of the band HEY "My and Your Hope" - joined the musical campaign supporting our fundraiser. Thank you!




This week we were collecting gifts in kind. Kindergarten No. 115 from Targówek, Warsaw, brought cardboard boxes with basic necessities - mainly food and personal hygiene products. Thank you very much for joining the action!


As part of the project "With all my heart for Ukraine", we started cooperation with the Ukrainian model Alla Kostromichova.


We also launched a group with auctions on Facebook. You can bid on books, handicraft gadgets and services. We invite!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/628892181541151/permalink/638146553949047


Another humanitarian transport left for Kharkiv. We have already sent 12 tons of material gifts! Thank you!




Our donors are heroes, and our volunteers are titans of work. We organized another transport with humanitarian aid, this time to Kiev.




Today we also went to Dworzec Zachodni and brought the most urgent items.

We thank GREMBOX Sp. z o. o. from Ruda Śląska for sending a pallet with cardboard boxes. Thanks to this, we can pack efficiently and secure all material gifts. Thank you!




We supported the help desk at Dworzec Zachodni by providing 2 buses with the most necessary items: food for children, cleaning products for children and adults, canned food and water.




We are extremely grateful to the Repair and Operation Section of Koleje Mazowieckie for collecting nearly 3,000 jars with a full-fledged meal and a pallet of water and transport to the EXPO Nadarzyn reception point.




We collected gifts in kind from Kindergarten No. 83 in Warsaw. We would like to thank the Director, Staff and Parents for their commitment and support! Our volunteers have already packed 6 buses that went to Ukraine with the most important food and hygiene products for children and adults. We received a message that the transport had successfully reached the village of Pryvil'ne.




We operate and raise funds as part of the collection "With all my heart for Ukraine". Today, about 2.5 tons of gifts have left for Tarnopol. Thanks to everyone!




We sort and pack all material gifts that flow to the Foundation. The next two transports went to Ukraine today.




We are in constant contact with Mer Mikołajewa and cooperate with the Ukrainian Uniters Foundation. Two cars left today. Almost 3.5 tons of material gifts!




We would like to thank the Mazovian Railways for collecting over 1,500 jars of wholesome meals. Railroad employees also offered to help our Foundation in providing these gifts and over 30 bottles (5 liters) of water to the Camillian Social Welfare Mission. We contacted the Uniters Foundation, which offered to help deliver gifts to Lviv.



Our volunteers invariably work from morning to evening, collecting material gifts and collecting money in Warsaw. We estimate that the amount of donations is around 4 tons! We don't stop packing. We divide gifts into items for children, cleaning products, food and medicines.


For musical action #zcalegosercadlaukraine our Ambassador Julia Rańda joined us https://www.facebook.com/fabrykainicjatywspolecznych/videos/947514799282685/


And Katarzyna Mikołajczyk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMFNqiOmu2U




We still receive material gifts (today a large shipment of gifts from Głogów has arrived), which shrink the space of our office. We also continue serving hot meals at the Eastern Railway Station, courtesy of Mrs. Angelica from Ukrainian and Georgian cuisine - https://www.facebook.com/kuchniaukrainskagruzinska


We are looking for a driver and transport that would transport gifts abroad. We make every effort to ensure that all activities comply with the applicable procedures. In-kind gifts and cleaning products are also provided to the visiting refugees on an ongoing basis.




We packed gifts that filled our conference room to the brim. Our volunteers and employees invariably accept new gifts, sort them and secure them in cardboard boxes. We also managed to go to the Eastern Railway Station, where we delivered a large package with diapers. Our volunteer met Mrs. Angelica, who cooked soup for the refugees waiting at the Eastern Railway Station. Mrs. Angelica offered to buy her the necessary products, she would make a lot more soup and distribute it to the needy on our behalf. We thank Mrs. Angelica for delicious food and willingness to help.




On Saturday, we organized a fundraiser in Warsaw. After the briefing, the employees and all Volunteers came out in front of the building to hoist the flag and listen to the Ukrainian anthem. The collection was exceptional and full of emotions for us, because we joined forces with our partners - students of the University of Management, WSB University, Beata Mydłowska, Volunteers of Your Melody Music School, Zuchami and Scouts from tribe 53 and Scouts from the Warszawa Mokotów Detachment, we were also joined by the inhabitants of Ukraine and Poland. Thank you for your support, it is important for our organization that it can count on its partners. 

On that day, we managed to collect PLN 17,236 and 35 full shopping baskets with gifts. 




We signed a cooperation agreement with MGMC Consulting, which organized help for our Foundation in the form of material and financial collection. We would like to thank the President of the Management Board, Mr. Marcel Gałan, for putting his trust in us.

Eveline Cosmetics has delivered two cosmetic palettes to our headquarters. Thank you!

Thanks to the initiative of Mrs. Ewa Białek from the Zespół Szkół Gastronomicznych im. prof. Eugeniusz Pijanowski, we received a whole car of segregated material gifts.

The space of our Foundation is being filled with material gifts faster and faster, mainly with food and hygiene products.
Thank you for your help and commitment!



Mrs. Winna Edwina donated several boxes of gifts in kind. Thank you for your willingness to support our activities and for joining in helping Ukraine.

The entire team of the Foundation engaged in sorting and preparing parcels.



#zcalegosercadlaukrainy joined our musical action Women to Garów.



Our Partner Anna Sośnierz organized a charity webinar: how to stress wisely, act in spite of it. The profit 100% will go to our fundraiser.
Webinar link: https://www.annasosnierz.pl/produkt/webinar-charytatywny-jak-stresowac-sie-madrze-dzialac-pomimo-niego/



The employees of our Foundation donated to the Camillian Social Welfare Mission in kind gifts: clothing, toys for children, cosmetics, water, personal hygiene products, food. Additionally, our Foundation purchased diapers.



Material gifts were provided to our Foundation: clothes, food, cleaning products, blankets, etc. Our neighbors and Mr. Marcin, who gave us 550 liters of water, joined the collection.


Piotrek Gawarecki Director of Your Melody School of Popular Music has started a musical campaign dedicated to the victims of the war in Ukraine.
Thank you Piotr for your beautiful talent and willingness to support our collection With all my heart for Ukraine 💙💛



They joined our musical action #zcalegosercadlaukrainy Małgorzata Grudniak , Katarzyna Andruszko and Karol Błoński.


Share, nominate new artists.
Also, the action continues on our tik-tok
Thank you 🙏



Today we also had a meeting with the Higher School of Management, with which a further strategy of assistance activities was established. The Foundation, together with the WSM, will support organizations located at railway stations in Warsaw.



Our Foundation went to the border of Dołhobyczów - Uhrynów, from where it took 20 people who reached their families safely.



There was a concert by the students of Your Melody School of Popular Music, attended by our Ambassadors Julia Rańda and Bartek Przesmycki.
The concert, courtesy of the Mayor of Praga Północ and the management of MAL "Śliwka", was dedicated to our wholeheartedly fundraiser for Ukraine.



We have a coach for 18 people that left for the border.
We have a Polish language teacher and a psychotherapist on board.
We are at the stage of arranging accommodation in Warsaw.
We were approached by people who would provide us with material gifts at the beginning of the week: first aid, cosmetics, blankets, bedding, clothes.

They support 631

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