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Senior in need

The project supports people aged 65+ who have low income, are sick, lonely and remain without support, in the form of free help.

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Our Projects


Christmas gift for seniors 2022 - 3rd edition

We ask all people with good hearts to donate Christmas to lonely, old and sick seniors. Let everyone have a chance to feel the magic of the world and care, regardless of the circumstances in which we celebrate them



With all my heart for pets

We are pleased to inform you that from October our foundation begins the month of helping animals. During this time, we will collect food, delicacies, pens, toys and money to buy the necessary preparations, medicines, and perhaps we will be able to collect funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment. Homeless dogs and cats living in shelters are not able to [...]



With all my heart for Ukraine

The news of the war that hit Ukraine shocked the whole world. This situation has affected us personally, because our foundation team is Polish-Ukrainian. Their families, mum, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend and friends stayed there. Due to the current situation, we mainly collect material gifts. They can be brought in during the Foundation's working hours (9.00-17.00). They will be transferred to help points [...]



Let's rebuild the house of Mr. Bogdan

Mr. Bogdan is lonely. There is no family. He graduated from an agricultural school. He was a professional driver until 1981, when he had a serious traffic accident. She has been on a pension since then. Before the accident, he leased a plot of land in allotments in Lublin. His life's achievements, the house he had built on it, were set on fire. He saved himself from the fire but [...]



Easter package for senior citizens

Our Foundation once again wants to support our pupils from the project "Senior in Need" for Easter. They will be able to have Easter treats and the joy that they think about and remember about them.



Let's help the children end their drama

For these four children, the period of growing up was a hell that happened to them on earth. Today they are unable to cope with their consequences. Teresa is a grandmother and a foster family for four grandchildren. Piotr (12), Borys (10), Adam (8) and Aleksandra (6) are children who at home [...]



Let's help the senior woman to keep a roof over her head

Mrs. Elżbieta is a pensioner, living in a very old cottage, which she inherited from her mother. 5 years ago she developed cancer herself and underwent a mastectomy



Trapped in an apartment

None of us is able to restore Mr. Mieczysław to full fitness, but we would like to help him create living conditions



Renovation of Mrs. Jola's apartment

Old, leaky windows and doors have long been no protection against the cold. The paint falling off the walls, the floor damaged due to old age cannot be washed or cleaned to make it look nice again. Pets will get a new home - and Mrs. Jola?



Help for people in a homeless crisis

Sometimes one small gesture, a little kindness and kindness straight from the heart is enough to change someone's life. Let us help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation or in a homelessness crisis.



I'm afraid to lose my flat

I am 80 years old and I am left alone. I was deceived by my husband and my guardian. 6 years ago, before my husband's death, our guardian brought a notary to our apartment, provided him with documents for lifelong care in exchange for a flat



Support for shelters

As part of the campaign, we want to help those shelters in the vicinity of Warsaw that need support the most. With the collected funds, we will buy food for dogs and cats that will help them survive and will help them, even for a short time. We want to help the most difficult shelters.



Let's help hospitals in the fight against the coronavirus

The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) coronavirus is a challenge for all of us. Let us unite for a common purpose. Our help will protect doctors and nurses and Their help will save people's lives.



Sociotherapy centers in Warsaw

CAW Sociotherapeutic Centers From September 2019 to March 2020, in three social therapy centers in Warsaw, we have implemented about 40 actions - projects with children. We gave them a TV, tennis table, toys, Christmas gifts and many other things. Volunteers and their children went to the cinema, to the trampoline park, helped with homework, conducted creative and culinary activities, organized [...]