wolontariat – Beneficjum

We invite you to volunteer!

Develop, experience, create help activities with us
for people at risk of social exclusion.


We will prepare an individual volunteering program for you and
we will sign an agreement.

You will help us in our daily duties, carry out
Foundation's mission, he supported the project department by carrying out aid activities, participated in helping charges and events.

You will also be able to implement your ideas related to helping people at risk of social exclusion.

Or call us:

+48 790-201-719 Project department

Employee volunteering

We invite companies to joint activities as part of employee volunteering.

The mission of the Beneficjum Foundation is to help those in need - seniors, children, sick people, animals, and we engage in activities for the environment.

What do you get?

+ Working together for the benefit of those in need with my friends and
colleagues from work,
+ Integration with the family - invite your loved ones,
+ Pride and satisfaction,
+ Experience in acting for the benefit of people in need,
+ Rest from daily duties.

How can you get involved?

Each of you has your professional skills to offer,
private and passions, but the most important thing is the time you can spend with us by engaging in:
+ renovation activities;
+ activities for the environment;
+ local initiatives and actions.

Or call us:

+48 790-201-719 Project department