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Wiktor and Victoria

12 years

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Diagnosis: bronchial asthma, allergy, atopic dermatitis, scoliosis and esophageal reflux; spinal meningeal hernia, hydrocephalus, neurogenic bladder

We collect for a rehabilitation stay

My name is Iwona and I am the mother of Wiktor and Wiktoria.


Wiktoria was born in 2007. The daughter suffers from bronchial asthma, allergies, atopic dermatitis, scoliosis and esophageal reflux.


She is under the constant care of a pulmonologist, allergist, physiotherapist, endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. Wiktoria goes for 27-day sanatorium treatment with the National Health Fund twice a year and at least 4 times a year for specialist rehabilitation stays. Wiktoria is currently a student of the 6th elementary school and has very good academic results. 


Wiktor was born in 2010 with a spinal meningeal hernia, hydrocephalus, and neurogenic bladder. On the second day of his life, he underwent spine surgery, and another at the age of 2.  

After the second spine surgery, he fell ill with urosepsis, meningitis and sepsis - the struggle for his life lasted for 3 months. Wiktor underwent two foot operations in 2015 and 2017, another is scheduled for September 2020. The son is under the constant care of a neurologist, neurosurgeon, orthopedist and urologist. Wiktor is not walking, he is in a wheelchair. Wiktor is a 3rd grade student of primary school and graduated from the 2nd grade with honors.


In 2003, I underwent an operation to remove a malignant thyroid neoplasm and since then I have been under the constant supervision of the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice. In 2016, the father of Wiktoria and Wiktor-Grzegorz died suddenly. Since then, I have been trying to get a child pension from their father. 


I will be extremely grateful for your help for my children. 





June 2020


We would like to thank everyone for their help for siblings! Thanks to you, Wiktor and Wiktoria were able to undergo a rehabilitation stay.